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January 31, 2024


A mobile app for adventurers and aurora hunters

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Product designer


Travel and Social Network

The team

Co-founders, 1x product designer, 3x developers & 1x QA tester


Lumyros had come to Pixelfield with the help of redesigning their mobile app prototype to improve and add features. Previously they were working with another design agency on the prototype but were unhappy with the result of it.

Their idea was figuring out a way to see the Northern Lights and to create a community and social network with all Aurora hunters. They had a clear idea of ​​the functionality of the application after spending many years hunting for aurora borealis and communicating with other hunters and tourists. Hence we worked closely with them to uncover the problems and get a better understanding of what they wanted to solve.

Lumyros also wanted to consider 2 things:

  • Partnering with hotels and guides as a new way to sell their app. By doing so, Lumyros would reach a wider audience and generate additional revenue streams. It would also help Lumyros build their brand and increase loyalty among customers.
  • An educational component of the app for those new to aurora hunting is included to help new aurora hunters learn when and where to find the northern lights, what the northern lights forecast are, how they look in reality, how to find them, and how to recognise their different shapes.



We arranged a series of workshops with the Lumyros team to go through their current prototype and see what improvements they had in mind. We engaged in activites like discussing business goals, going over the prototype, discussing who the target audience is, what features to implement to address the problems, putting together a sitemap and looking at current competitors out in the market. We also worked on some ideation brainstorming and came up with ideas to improve their current prototype. 

Our main features and challenges were reporting an aurora, when to expect an aurora, social interactions with fellow aurora hunters, and online courses to teach those interested in being aurora hunters. We needed to design this app so that it could be used both by people who were just beginning aurora hunting and those who had been hunting them for many years already.

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Design phase

Developing the UI and UX design of Lumyros was a challenging task. It went through some rounds of design iteration and it was necessary to prototype and test the prototype several times to ensure that the interface for Lumyros was exactly what users expect. This design prototype was tested with some of Lumyros's beta testers who have volunteered for beta testing, and the overall feedback received at that point has been very positive. 

The design and development process itself was divided into several iterations before being passed on to our mobile application development team, which then carried on with the implementation.

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Lumyros has now grown to having around 2000 active users. It has proven to be challenging to gain more users due to the niche nature of the market and interest in aurora huntering. It is continuously going through the development phase and they are actively conducting user research projects to demonstrate the value this product offers to its users.

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