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October 25, 2023

Gloji digital programme emails

Improving user engagement in Gloji’s digital programme

Work type

In house - Thrive Tribe (Gloji)

My contribution

Service design, Email design, Research


Health service

The team

1x product owner, 1x product designer, 1x graphic designer, 1x content writer, 1x developer


Gloji is a web application that helps users lose weight and keep it off based on the latest science of behavioural change. The digital programme had launched back in September 2021. The digital programme works as a 12-step digital weight loss programme. Each week you’ll sign in and unlock interactive videos to watch and be guided by our experts. 

The biggest challenge we faced was: 

  • ‘How to improve user engagement in Gloji’s digital programme’. The feedback we had received from users was around notifications and informing them when the next step was available.
  • Offboarding emails - Providing valuable content for users who have finished their 12-step program after 12 weeks.



In the first workshop, myself, the product owner, junior product designer and copywriter conducted a series of exercises which included:

  • Discuss content strategy – figuring out what content we need to include in the emails. As a team, we decided the key things to include are: key milestones for logging weight, articles related to each step, and the notification that appears to users when the next step is available.
  • Developing a user flow of emails and determining when they should be sent during a user’s journey / touchpoints within the digital programme.

As a result of doing these exercises, we were able to generate ideas and come up with solutions to the problem.

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Technical limitation

The product team had decided to use Microsoft dynamics to build out the emails because of the integration of digital products with Microsoft and future features. By playing around with the builder, we started to understand the design capabilities and limitations.

Design & build

We created designs that are simple and that keep the limitations of Microsoft dynamics technology in mind. Myself and the product owner built out these emails using the drag and drop feature.

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As of right now, we have had 29% increase in users visiting Gloji through email, specifically due to the dynamics​.

Up to 80% open rate, 50% engagement (clicks), and 64% click through open rate (CTOR). More steps completed, increased number of completers / late completers, and raised number of sign ins.

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