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December 28, 2023

Basecamp (NHS Diabetes Prevention Programme)

A client management system that facilitates the effective support of clients by Thrive Tribe staff members

Work type

In house - Thrive Tribe

My contribution

Product designer, Product strategy, User research, Design system


Health service, CRM

The team

1x product owner, 1x product designer, 3x developers & 1x QA tester


At the beginning of 2022, Thrive Tribe had become one of the providers of the National Diabetes Prevention Programme​ (NDPP). A behaviour change programme that aims to prevent pre-diabetic people from developing diabetes; achieved through changes in diet and physical activity. ​It is estimated that 10.7% of the UK Population are non-diabetic hyperglycaemic.

To carry out the delivery of the programme, Thrive Tribe had decided to create their own bespoke client management software that’ll help their staff members manage and record clients. When previously delivering other programmes, the company was using 3rd party software to manage client records. However, this came with increased frustration and pain points for staff members due to the lack of features. We had 5 to 6 months to release the first MVP of Basecamp.


Kick-off meeting

We had a kick-off meeting with the product owner who went through and discussed the detailed key aspects of the NDPP and how the bespoke software will help deliver the programme. The kickoff meeting involved myself, 2 to 3 developers and the data team.

Research & Workshop

After gaining an understanding of the NDPP, we started to unpick the features and requirements that were needed for the first MVP. This also involved conducting some research with Thrive Tribe staff who’ve been delivering programmes using 3rd party software to gain an understanding of pain points and how to improve their experience. 

We had done a series of workshops to put together initial user flows, understand eligibility criteria to enrol users on the programme, the type of programme users who can be enrolled, and flows for referral and programme statuses.

In order to deliver the first MVP, we had identified these features as key in order to deliver the programme:

Referral to triage 

  • Receive referral​ 
  • Check eligibility​ 
  • Contact referral​ 
  • Enrol in a programme or cancel referral​ 
  • Book Initial assessment

Initial assessment & First session

  • Find service user record​
  • Start initial assessment​
  • Record attendance​
  • Collect outcome data​
  • Complete initial assessment​
  • Book service user into the first session​
  • Cancel referral​

Intervention sessions

  • Find service user record​
  • Start session​
  • Record attendance​
  • Collect outcome data​
  • Complete session and follow-up content sent to the service user​
  • Book service user into next session​
  • Cancel programme
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Design phase

Over the course of 5 to 6 months, I worked with the product owner and developers in designing solutions for the key features. This involved having regular meetings with the developers and discussing any limitations. Some of the work also depended on the integration with MS bookings to be able to book users into the programme. This played some factor when it came to designing the booking screen. Usability testing played a big part while we were designing the solutions; we set up regular sessions with staff members to get their feedback and set tasks for them to complete.

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There were a few features that became out of scope because of the deadline which meant they would be worked on after the release. Overall, we were successful in releasing the first MVP at the start of the National Diabetes Prevention Programme​. Staff members were pleased with the experience and the ease of use. We’ll look to continue to develop Basecamp further, not only for the NDPP, but also for other programmes the company delivers.

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